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I am 20-year-old student entrepreneur (adding “aspiring” before entrepreneur might be more appropriate) studying at Babson College. I was born in Allahabad, which is a small town in India but my parents gave me the opportunity to first study in India’s top boarding school – Mayo College and now in the world’s top entrepreneurship institute – Babson College. Throughout my high school, I was extremely driven to do well in squash but during my last two years I started getting extremely interested in business and decided to not apply to the ivy leagues through squash quota so that I could concentrate on business and not have to commit to the intense squash curriculum.

In the past one and a half-year at Babson, I have tried to start different ventures but am still hungry for my first success. My primary goal at this point in my life is to take a startup to a stage where I can work on it full-time and not have to worry about getting a job. Currently, I am working on a startup that brings the concept of group buying to real estate focused initially on the growing Indian market. It is still in its very nascent stages but am super excited to work on it!


Written by karankanodia

December 11, 2009 at 6:34 am

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