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Transitioning from Mayo College, mayoajm.jpg (1200×900)the most reputed Public Boarding schools in India, to Babson College, the #1 Entrepreneurship College. I was really excited not only about coming to College but also about entrepreneurship. I had no idea what entrepreneurship was until I came here. Every second I spend here the only thing on my mind here is Business!!!! I am pretty much a self inspired person. But I learnt the biggest thing here and that is to direct my inspiration towards my goal. Earlier I was just pumped up all the time to do something, being blinded by the notion that whatever work I have been doing was directed towards my ultimate goal. Still figuring out what my ultimate goal is or maybe that is where I am making a mistake. I have been so caught up in my thoughts about what my ultimate goal is that I am missing out on the opportunity to experience and explore and make mistakes.

I have met a lot of extremely motivated and interesting people @ Babson and Olin College of Engineering and it is just through interactions with these amazing people that I have learnt the most. And this is just re-enforcing my belief that there is a lot more to be learnt outside class than through them (The main reason I am not doing much work in FME- which is a foundation class in which we run our own business and are funded by the school). I was actually considering not coming to college at all and just travel for a few years like a nomad.

The most important thing that I am learning or maybe already learnt and now started practicing is to JUMP IN!!!! I learnt this from Fan Bi, who is the founder of Blank-Label, which makes customized clothing for the youth. I kept going to Fan, discussing my ideas and one day he just blew it and said, “It’s all bullshit, just jump in. Start exploring!!!”. Then I met Matthew Ritter (Fan connected me to him) from Olin College of Engineering from whom I learnt the power of discourse and asking questions. He even gave me the opportunity to work for Urgent VC, the firm that he is an integral part of. I cannot forget to mention Christopher Jacobs, whose story has been so crazily inspiring. He is the founder ofEmergent Group that is a Renewable Energy Consulting and Development company. Chris recently won the Business Week’s Top 25 Under 25 global business competition. Just by being around and observing these accomplished student entrepreneurs, I learn so much it’s not funny.

I must not forget to mention Jeremy LiuDuylam NgyenNikhil GuptaAmy Malinowski and many more students at Babson and Olin who are among the most hardworking and driven friends I have made so far.You all inspire me every second.

Being in Boston is great. The amount of opportunities here is unbelievable!!!! There are people all around you who are willing to help you all the time..

I will always be grateful to my family and friends back in India with whom my heart rests.

Can’t wait to get back home!!!!!
Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!!

Strive to be more than you can be ever be.


Written by karankanodia

December 11, 2009 at 7:46 am

Posted in Startup Lessons

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  1. I always feel the journey is as important as the goal.In our restlessness we sometimes forget that.


    December 11, 2009 at 12:57 pm

  2. Karan your pursue of the entrepreneurial spirit is great and I foresee a successful future. Many of the people who tell you their opinions are in fact correct and it is the the initiation of your idea that will spur your new business. Whether it corresponds to Green technology or not I wish you good luck and I know you will reach the heights that you aspire to.

    Sushant Batra

    December 15, 2009 at 6:06 am

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